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Interior Design Services

Renovation Design

Additions, top­ups, the underpinning of basements and structural changes are great options to improve the home you love. Beginning with space planning, the design is created and “proven” on paper, before construction begins. Changes to lighting, HVAC and plumbing are all considered in preliminary planning for contractor pricing. Budgets are met through the pricing and revision process. Finishes and fixtures are selected and approved, and then, and only then, is construction started. Our goal is to minimize construction time by ensuring all aspects of the project are determined in advance.

Space Planning

Sometimes you just can’t figure out how to make your space work. We will offer a new perspective, and thus, a better space for you. Whether it’s an awkwardly shaped living room, an unfinished basement, or a room that needs to perform multiple functions, good planning is the critical first step in design. Measurements are taken and the design process begins. Small spaces achieve usability, furniture layouts bring comfort and make sense, storage is gained, and sightlines are improved.

Lighting/Electrical Design

A simple space with great lighting will always outshine a highly designed space with poor lighting. At Lisa Robazza Design, we strive to bring the most up to date lighting and electrical solutions to your design. Task lighting, ambient, and mood lighting impact how we live and function in our spaces. Getting those elements working in the design phase is critical to a successful finished result.


We believe that the right finish will not only enhance the overall look but should also be a working part of your design solution. Careful consideration of wearability, sustainability, style and comfort are well thought out in the selection process. Integrating our clients’ taste, and personal preference is foremost in creating a finished result that is a reflection of their wishes and needs. We enjoy working with our clients to bring them beautiful results they can call their own.

Furniture Planning

Buying furniture without knowing it works is like buying pants without trying them on. Fit and flow are critical elements in furnishing your space. By creating furniture plans, we prove that your space will work for you. Existing furnishings are integrated, repurposed and reused where needed. New pieces are sized and selected without error. Storage solutions are created. Creative use of furnishings will allow for multiple purposes. Ensuring everything works on a plan is critical to eliminating headaches later on. Don’t guess…plan!

Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most technically demanding areas for design. Strategic planning, maximum use of space, functionality and safety are critical elements considered and achieved at Lisa Robazza Design. Each design caters to your specific wishes and needs, with your personal style at the forefront of a beautiful result.

Millwork Design

At Lisa Robazza Design, we often find that well-designed custom furnishings and built-in storage is the answer to many design problems. Whether it’s a closet layout, home office, kitchen, bath, or other areas, careful planning and design will achieve a beautiful and functional result, customized to suit your needs and style. Clever use of underutilized spaces for storage solutions is another skill we use to make your life organized and clutter-free.

Project Management

Communication is the key to a successful project. Ongoing project management throughout the project ensures the design goes from paper to construction, pain-free. Site visits, meetings with contractors, suppliers and consultants are all aspects of communication which result in a smoother construction, minimum of cost overruns, and quicker turnaround.

Downsizing Design Services

Moving from a larger home to a smaller house or condo can be emotional and overwhelming. Where to start? What to take? Our team will take inventory, create plans, revise, and tweak, to eliminate guesswork. Artwork and collectibles are considered as well. Colour palettes are created. New and existing pieces are harmoniously blended to make moving day easy and painless.

Real Estate Consultations

Your home is typically the biggest investment you will make. Why not take the time to ensure it’s the right place for you? A consultation can help to take the guesswork out of buying and selling, where renovations are concerned. We will help you determine if your renovations are feasible, and at what cost. We will brainstorm and create ideas for challenging spaces. We will help you determine what renovations to do for resale. We will create furnished floor plans that help you determine which items will move with you before the truck arrives. The right design decisions go a long way to maximizing your investment dollar and saving your time.



To create stunning and inspiring interiors you will love. She provides her interior design services in the North and Central Okanagan, including Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, Lake Country, Coldstream, Salmon Arm, Lumby, Fintry, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos and surrounding communities.


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